free leather slpper!!!! on order of $80 hurry limited time offer
free leather slpper!!!! on order of $80 hurry limited time offer

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Polish People like to Pamper Their Feet

Yes you read it right!!!!    Polish people like to pamper their feet by wearing traditional Kapcie.

Reindeer Leather website is develop with only one objective in mind, that is to give a proper exposure to traditional handmade beautiful Polish Leather Kapcie, Kapcie is what handmade Slippers called in poland, in every small or big house in Poland you will see men and women wear this beautiful Slippers or sandals at home.

   This Slippers are made from Fine Quality thin Sheep or Pig Leather, with Soft insole normally not in all kapcie made from soft sheep Skin, sole is made of light Foam ideal for indoor use and keep your feet relax and warm during cold winter and sweat free during hot summer since this Slippers are made from breathable leather.

  Even though this are traditional Slippers, they are made in very attractive design and beautiful colors which will make you look Stylish , trendy and same time your feet will be relaxed and pempered when you wear this slippers


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