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My Uncle Love This Black Reindeer

Yes thats what I call this Amazingly Stylish Slippers Black Reindeer, Last week we went for dinner at my uncles house and we take for him this Lovely Black Sheep Leather Slippers, well in Poland its call Kapcie , its like a tradition every Men and women love to wear Kapcie at home.

 Well when I give this to my Uncle he fall in love with this beautiful Handmade Slipper for Men, made from fine quality Thick sheep leather, Soft insole made from Sheep Skin and Cushion padding for extra Comfort and relaxation of your feet, much needed in this busy Life,My uncle wear them everyday and he says it cant get better then this.Take a look at below mention Photo and Link:

Due to my uncles recommendation I decided to write my first blog for this Slippers, This Slippers also have Orthopedic properties and Stitched in White thread make it Stylish and must have for even Mens Feet an Ideal Gift for yourself and loved one .We bring you a peice of Polish tradition now with in your reach as we Ship Worldwide that also free, It cant get more better then this.

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