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What To Look For When Buying Indoor Leather Slippers

In today's busy schedule and tiring work every man and woman deserve little time to relax, which can be better place then comfort of home,your feet also deserve little Pamper and comfort,Nothing can replace a pair of hand made leather Slippers.

Wait!!! how to find a pair of footwear that will give your feet a treat ,its Quite easy Slippers,let it be for Men or Women should be light in weight like feather, most of European Slippers sole are made from very light and durable foam which make them ideal for indoor use, most important thing Insole of Slippers, our feet also breath, Insole made of very fine thin Sheep skin can make your feel relax and soft touch of leather will always comfort your delicate feet.

Upper part if made of Leather normally Sheep or pig Skin (normally there skin is soft thin and delicate) is ideal for making indoor Footwear.

There are variety of branded Leather Slippers and footwear available in market, however I personally feel is it worth to spend so much money on expensive footwear when you can get same great Quality hand made leather Slippers online and in market,

Different Kind Of Slipper:

Well by now its clear that Slippers should be light, loose and comfortable to wear indoor and make of Skin, now let me walk you through different Style of Slippers so you can decide which suite best as per your need and comfort:

Close toe Slipper(Flipflop):

Basically Close toe Slipper mean the upper part of slipper is fully covered with back less like backless shoes or sandal, I try to put photo to make you understand better,name Flipflop came from the sound this slippers make when it Slap against the heel while walking.This kind of Slippers are mostly ideal for Men and women who have narrow or medium Width feet.

Open toe Slippers(Flipflop):

This Flipflop is similar to Close toe, only difference is upper part of Slipper near toe is open, This Slipper is ideal for Men and Women who have wider or medium feet, since its upper toe part is open this slippers can expand little to fit perfectly on wider feet.


This is what it normally call, this boot like Slippers are mostly wear by Small babies or people who live in cold Climate, this Slippers look similar to shoes,sometime you can find design which have Zip closure and Some even have Strap Close and some you can find with lace close, This Slippers have little thicker Sole then normal Slippers make them ideal for indoor and outdoor use.


This are Shoes or Slippers made from deerskin or soft leather like Sheepskin, its sides made of one piece leather flap, usually its sole is soft and flexible, now mostly  moccasin are made with hard sole, historically its a footwear of many indigenous people mainly use for outdoor in wilderness, exploring and running.