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What you need to know about European Indoor footwear

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Being in Europe I come across this beautiful traditional Handmade Leather Slippers made by year old traditional methods in mountains of Poland call Zakopane a very beautiful Scenic place to be , mountains cover with full of snow. Basically this Slippers are call Kapcie in Polish language.

There are many types of indoor slippers you can come across, unique thing about kapcie is that they are very light in weight and mostly made from natural sheep and pig skin which are very thin, smooth and Flexible, perfect leather to make soft Slippers.

If you go to any weekly market in Poland in any city you will find at-least 2 or 3 shops selling this Slippers,thing I like about this Slipper is, there upper part is made entirely of Leather,insole is made of very thin Sheep skin, entire feet is like wrap in breathable Skin, thats what make feet so relaxed and comfortable a much need relaxation to your feet after a busy and hectic work of day, most people prefer to wear Close toe Flipflop as it cover whole Toe and back side is open to Slip into this Slippers pretty easily.Some people who have little broad feet like to wear open toe Kapcie, unique thing about open toe kapcie is that they have little broad upper part so if your feet is broad it can easily fit your feet.

Hmm...How can we forget about kapcie for Women,woman kapcie are most colorful and made in unique design with flat or high heel as most of women have different need and style.Again Broadly  women Slippers are divided in 2 main category Close toe and Open toe. unlike men , Close toe is mostly preferred by women who are under age of 40 to 60 with flat heel as this kind of slippers give a firm grip to the feet.Soft high heel Open toe Slippers can be wear for out-door use also as they are so beautiful and colorful.

Kapcie does not mean only Flipflop, some kapcie are also made in shoes design some are made of Fleece materiel for winter and wool stuffing inside some are made of Sheep Skin with fur on top and inside made of Soft wool to keep feet warm and comfortable during winter time, basically all Slippers and shoes have one thing in common that is every kapcie Soles are made of foam like Material which is very very light in weight.



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