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How do we Do it ! Shipping Parcels Worldwide for Free and Still Selling Slippers so Cheap

Sorry Friends its being almost a week without a new post on our website. Today I am going to answer in this blog the most common questions our dear buyers always ask us.

1) How do we Ship our parcel?

Well when we look for option to Ship our parcels, we always look for

How Economical it will be? 

Will it be easy to Ship parcel worldwide with the Service?  

Can we track parcels online?

Most important of all, How Reliable and fast it can deliver parcels to our ever growing buyers?

I feel Poczta Polska ( Poland Post) is best option to bet on for delivering all over parcels, Since they are very Economical,they provide us with tracking Codes to track parcels online, They Ship parcels worldwide, Nothing can be more Reliable then Government post and they provide option of Priority post (Express Shipping option).

So we Ship all our parcels through Poczta Polska Poland.

2) How do we Ship for Free Worldwide for all items?

We believe that Shipping parcel is seller's responsibility and it should not be burden of buyers and Since we send our parcels by Register post which is pretty Cheap and Relaible, so we calculate and try to add that Shipping cost in our items buy it now price,Thats how we make all our items free Shipping worldwide.

3) Why Our Slippers, Wallets, Shoes and Baby Items at So Less price?

Since we are in this business from last 5 to 7 years, we have understand that International buyers are always looking for handmade items and at affordable price, As our main goal is to promote some of handmade items in Poland at very best price available in market, we directly Source our products from manufacturer and most of items are manufactured by Reindeer Leather. Most important thing is we work on very less profitable margin, which give us this extra room and leverage to bring this handmade products at so Cheap price.

4) What we do if parcels get Lost or Return back to Reindeer Leather?

We give tracking number of parcel to buyers mostly on there request so they can track there parcel in real time or buyers can anytime sent us mail from Contact us page and we will sent email with how to track parcels.

For some reasons like person was not available while post try to deliver parcel or buyer fail to collect parcels from near by local post, Sometime if address is not correct or incomplete. In all this and other situation parcels are sent back to us, In this Situation we always sent mail to buyer that there parcel is sent back to us and we can arrange for resent on this parcel.

 In my next Article I will try to Cover more product related Questions in deep so Stay tunes