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The Reindeer Leather Story.......

It was a lovely sunny day in August over a year ago....I still remember my husband and I strolling through a colourful market a few kilometres from us in Czestochowa.

Being summer time in Poland, there were gorgeous flowers and fresh produce everywhere. The fragrance of fresh blooms and strawberries filled the air.

Endless stalls were selling everything from beautiful clothing to Cucumber Pickles.(A Polish speciality!)

My husband, Nitin is Indian and he was fascinated by the colours and atmosphere of this market in Poland. He loved the crisp climate that day, so different to the humidity of his homeland and he found the lack of crowding, so common in Indian markets, refreshing.

Nitin was my main inspiration when launching Reindeer Leather.

While walking he saw an old stall holder selling Kapcie (Polish Slippers) He grabbed my hand and excitedly took me to this small stall so we could have a closer look at these gorgeous slippers. The stall holder was happy to chat with us about his wares and we discovered Kapcie are a part of every household in Poland... worn by everybody, old or young! I still remember Nitin saying "Wow! These are wonderful! I would love to sell these slippers and share them worldwide!".

  The idea didnt grab my attention immediately but when we came home, he enthusiastically began researching Kapcie origins and craftsmanship. His enthusiasm quickly became contagious and soon I was just as excited by the possibility of marketing these beautiful slippers worldwide.

We sat late into the night learning the cultural history of Kapcie, (pronounced ‘Khaapcy’ in English) and the traditional methods of their creation. We quickly became convinced that these slippers were definitely something we would truly enjoy promoting.

We were already selling Leather wallets and bags on ebay and we knew the Kapcie would be a perfect addition to our range. We quickly tested some Kapcie slippers for men on ebay and to our joy, they began selling immediately, our clients truly appreciating their beautiful craftsmanship.

We began to feel very proud promoting a slice of Polish tradition all over the world – traditional slippers so beautifully made and sooooo exquisitely comfy!

After Selling on ebay for a little while, we decided it was time to create our own brand and find a name for our growing company...

It was Christmas time and every shopping mall in Poland has Reindeer motifs displayed everywhere during this happy period. Passing one lovely store while Christmas shopping, we saw one stunningly beautiful Reindeer statue... Nitin and I simply looked at each other and smiled knowingly. And REINDEER LEATHER was born!

Although Reindeer Leather is not our actual product material, we felt the name embraced the happy spirit of festive times and the grace of such a noble creature.


Our love for Kapcie continues to grow, along with our worldwide client base of ecstatic customers... Nitin and I are constantly on the lookout for new inspiration, styles and colours and it’s always exciting to find a new variety on our travels through Poland.

Our hearts are always aglow with each shipment of Reindeer Leather kapcie as we know how truly happy they will make our customer feel when they first see them and the absolute joy they will feel when they first slip them on!

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