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Why you should have Footmuff for your Newborn

There is no other joy compare to joy oh hearing first cry of your newborn, that is the only time when every parent is happy seeing there Baby cry!!! Most of us prefer in preparing everything for newborn before delivering baby. Today I am going to talk about footmuff and why its so important.....

Foot-muff is Sleeping bag or blanket with hood usually made of Cotton or Fleece, which serve purpose of covering babies feets or legs, footmuff can be attached to pushchair, Strollers or any travel Systems.

Now we know what is footmuff, so lets talk about why its so necessary? and how many different ways it can be use?

In winter weather you like it or not, you need to take your baby out for a walk on new pushchair or stroller since fresh air is very good for babies health, here Footmuff will be very handy and it wont hurt if its little stylish and colorful with too many prints .

I try to give some reasons why Footmuff is better then traditional blankets

Babies often dislike when stuffed in blanket and wrap them all around this stiff there movement and often babies started crying.Footmuff gives baby a whole lot of space to stretch there legs and feel comfortable inside any travel System or Pushchair.

 Traditional blankets does not have facility or Slots to use harness of car seats do it become difficult to carry babies in car Footmuff have Slots for harness to keep your babies at safe position all around.

Wrapping babies in Blanket is Quite a challenge in itself,Since Footmuff have Zip Closure on sides babies can be easily put inside with out wasting time or breaking your baby's priceless sleep.Footmuffs shown in above photos are Quite large can easily be use till babies turn 18 to 22 months old.

Most biggest misconception is that Footmuff can only be use during winter, however i feel you can use Footmuffs for whole year since you never know when weather can change now a days beside they can be use as Sleeping bags as well as padding for Pushchair or Stroller.

At Reindeerleather all footmuffs are with Zip close which make it easy to change them into Sleeping bag or Bedding for babies.

Footmuffs should be made with lot of care and 100% tested natural Cotton and Fleece should be use, Lot of Footmuffs are available in market as per your needs and budget, however I would suggest to go for footmuffs which are handmade, each and every Single footmuff stitched by hand and with proper care and inspection, as babies are priceless and they deserve best.