Women house slippers - Reindeer Leather

5 Most Frequent Asked Question About House Slippers 2022 - Reindeer Leather

House leather slippers - Reindeer Leather

Deciding to replace your old pair of indoor slippers with better quality and comfortable one? Checkout out our answer to most frequently asked questions by our buyer which will help you in choosing best house slippers for men and women for your tired feet.

Can slippers cause athlete's foot?

Athlete's foot is caused by fungus, which thrives in moist and dark environments. Because flimsy slippers, flipflops, or sandals do not provide adequate ventilation, it is critical to keep your feet dry and clean while wearing mule slippers. You can use leather house slippers because most polish house slippers are made from genuine leather uppers that have natural moisture wicking properties that prevent bacteria and fungus from growing, protecting your feet by keeping them dry all day.

Women house slippers - Reindeer Leather

 Can slippers be worn outside?

Its advisable to keep outside slippers and house slippers separate to avoid outside bacteria’s from entering inside your house and causing illness, That being said most of hard sole slippers can be use outside as rubber sole safeguard your feet from feet injuries cause by sharp small stones or scrapes and protect feet from bacteria or virus.

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 What slippers to wear at home that don’t smell?

 The purpose of wearing slippers inside the house is to keep the environment clean and your feet warm, cozy, comfortable, and dry all day. After a long day at work, our feet require little rest and breathing space because we walk in formal or casual shoes all day and our feet are cramped in socks, making it difficult to breathe. There is no doubt that memory foam slippers provide comfort to feet; however, if you have sweaty feet, they become moist and uncomfortable. House slippers in Poland are mostly made of leather uppers with soft leather linings that hug your feet like your second skin due to leather's natural breathing ability to keep feet dry and warm at the same time. makes them best slippers for sweaty feet.

 How slippers should fit or how to measure for feet?

 The simple answer is that slippers should be the same size as your regular shoes; however, if you are wearing socks, it is recommended that you select one size larger so your feet can easily slip in and out.

You will need a piece of A4 paper, a measuring tape, and a pen or pencil to measure your feet at home.

Another thing to remember is to always measure your feet in the morning because the strain on your leg while working or performing work on your feet causes your feet to swell in the evening and will not give you an accurate measurement.

Place A4 size paper on a flat surface, then place your leg on paper, stand straight, and ask someone to mark with a pen or pencil where your longest toe and back of your heel touch paper, then measure the distance between two points using a measuring tape, and you now have the exact size of your feet. When choosing your slipper, simply add 0.5 cm for proper fit house slippers.

 Should slippers be snug or loose?

 If you like quality leather scuff slippers, it is best to choose slippers that are a proper fit for your shoe size, as leather tends to stretch after 2 or 3 usage. If one’s slippers get too loose after a while, you can add a cushioned padded extra footbed to tighten them up and provide grip without having to worry about your mule slippers slipping out.

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