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6 Reason Why You Should Wear Leather Indoor House Slippers

6 Reason Why You Should Wear Leather Indoor House Slippers

Long and busy working day should always end with comfort and cosiness of House. Have we ever noticed how much strain we put on our feet whole day? Our feet need relaxing too.Study show that walking barefoot at home can cause too much harm and stress on your feet.

Here are few reason why you need Leather Scuffs or Slippers:

Reason 1:

Its not a rocket science that walking barefoot at home specially during Winter can cause your feet to become cold and can result in sharp decrease in your body temperature which can be reason for you to catch cold and sometime fever,Its always advisable to wear well made Scuffs, Leather has one unique property that its allow your feet to breath unlike other normal cheap house sandals.

Reason 2:

Advantage Of Natural Handmade Skin Slippers last longer and more flexible, gets warmer and cooler as per climate change.

Reason 3:

Unique European Design Leather Slippers have little arc support for people whose foot pain can find great comfort wearing this kind of footwear.

Reason 4:

Top quality slippers are made of naturally tanned Leather, Leather breathes easily which does not allow moisture to accumulate inside slippers thus feet wont smell or sweat.

Reason 5:

Mostly house slippers are sole is made of memory foam or light weight rubber making them very comfortable and easy to walk around with.

Reason 6:

This kind of Slippers are made little broad which give enough room around the toe highly recommended by doctors especially for Old or person recovering from Operation.


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  • Hello,

    So where are your products actually manufactured? Your products are 100% reindeer hides? If I wear 8.5 U.S. in Red Wing Heritage, what size do your recommend. On a Brannock I’m 8.5 one foot, the other 9.


  • Hello

    I am making an article for my rug website – The Real Rug Company – We sell reindeer skins in the UK.

    I found your site when looking for other interesting uses of reindeer skins including shoes , so I have linked to it for my readers.

    The article is here .. not finished right now.. but will be by tomorrow

    Paul King

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