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How slippers can help fight COVID-19

How slippers can help fight COVID-19

Now as 90 % of us in Lock down situation due to Pandemic situation created by COVID-19, it has become more important then ever to change our daily habits, to keep our house clean and to avoid being in contact with harmful bacteria’s and viruses. How we can do that?

Lets face it! We cant all time stay at home, most of us have to go out for work , buy groceries or go for stroll with our beloved dog, and when we go out its obvious we will wear shoes, sandals or Walking slippers and footwear come in direct contact with floor or street where bacteria and virus thriving and wait to come in contact with sole of outdoor shoes, this is most easy way to invite deadly virus in our home unknowingly. Study show that if we remove foot-gear before entering house can prevent 80% bacteria to get in direct contact with floor hence it is highly recommended to have at-least 3 pair of Slippers for daily use at home.

First Pair of Slippers: When you enter your house good habit is to remove your shoes and slip into indoor house Slippers, Leather slip-on are serve the purpose because after tiring and exhausting day at work, you and your feet need rest, natural leather scuffs allow your feet to breathe easily and sweat less plus you also refrain dirt and bacteria to enter your abode.

Second Pair Of Slippers: Most people are unaware of fact that after taking hot bath or shower blood circulation in body increase good blood circulation means healthy weight and less heart problem and help in controlling blood pressure, using leather mule can maintain proper blood flow and also keep heel sole and toe in proper position.

Third Pair Of Slipper: Imagine yourself working in garden or going out for breather instead of using normal plastic sandals its wise to wear specially designed leather clogs or sandals for that added extra comfort and protection to tootsies, nice pair of walking shoes can unfailingly grab attention of neighbours, friends and even side walkers.SO in short its vital to have 3X pair of Slippers to upraise your normal life style and maintain balance of good health and luxury at same time. was formed with only one intention in mind, to give excess to whole world the unmatched craftsmanship and century old tradition of wearing leather kapcie at home at affordable price.

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