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I find unique way to impress my guest

I find unique way to impress my guest

Last week with my wife I went for dinner at my brother-in-law's house for my extreme discomfort I had to walk in shocks and my wife barefoot inside inside there house, since its spring time floor was not so warm as we expect them to be, my feet was getting very cold and made me so uncomfortable.
My wife with light smile on her face,whisper in my ear " You should give some house slippers to my brother for his guest" I also smiled and just replied great idea.
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Seriously it can be pretty uncomfortable and some time cold feet when we go to friends or relatives and has to walk inside house in socks or barefoot,Wouldn't be great when every house had 3 or 4 pair of extra house slippers to welcome guests.... I always get great compliments from my friends and family when I invite them inside our house with pair of leather indoor slippers to wear. Believe me friends its always important to have first impression as good impression on your guest, everyone love warm and cosy welcome and when they know you care about them they will never forget you.
House Slippers are easily available in local market near by you, however they are not as comfortable and rich in design,style and look as unique traditional handmade polish Indoor Slides,I have gave a star like status in my friends eyes because I always welcome them to my home with pair of leather slippers to wear, "Can I have one of This?" is reaction I mostly get from my Friends and I proudly gift them Men's and Women's slippers on there way back home, Now I have gain a Star host status among my group of friends and relatives. This is very simple this which make guest surprise and delightful..

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