Women handmade leather slippers - Reindeer Leather

Best traditional house slippers for women, Made In Poland

Comfort and cosiness are two words that come in mind when think about slippers, In Poland indoor bedroom slippers for men and women are made in quite unique way, Indoor shoes or scuff that you can find in local market are made of fabric upper and memory foam soft insole and plastic rubber sole which tends to make slip-on more heavy and sometime feel like dragging your feet while walking. Polish traditional leather slippers called kapcie are made of Genuine leather ( Sheepskin, Pig skin, Cowhide or buffalo Leather), Insole is made of pig or sheepskin and little cushion on bottom with pores on insole, light foam made outsole with traction pattern makes this bedroom slippers light in weight and very easy to slip in and out.

I have made list of some of best house leather slippers for women based on review, comfort and materail used to make them, please note tradtional polish leather slippers are not made of soft memory foam insole and can be easily used with proper care for atleast 5 to 6 months.

How Leather Slippers made

 Best traditional house slippers for women:


Zakopanki mocassin Shoes: Best traditional Polish leather Slippers or shoes can be found in Mountain of Zakopane, beautiful and colourful moccasins made of upper sheepskin and sheep fur lining on color and sheep wool inner lining make then very warm,  moccasin are made with hard sole, historically its a footwear of many indigenous people mainly use for outdoor in wilderness, exploring and running. 


Close toe Slipper(Flipflop):

Poland is located above equator hence climate can be extreme, when its summer it gets very dry and during summer its very cold and usually too much snowfall. Closed toe slippers or klapki is most preferred choice during chilly winter for men and women, soft leather upper and backless construction make it super easy to slip-in effortlessly, lightweight foam outsole with traction pattern give firm grip on any kind of flat wooden or carpet surface.

Women open toe slippers - Reindeer Leather

Open toe Slippers(Flipflop):

Colorful leather, suede upper or sometime even designed in fleece with handstitched floral pattern or bow structure on upper, flip-flop style slippers is what is everyone choice of slippers during warm summer, outsole pattern is made in similar fashion as closed toe scuffs. 

Women slip on shoes - Reindeer Leather


Made of from warm fleece, suede or leather, these ankle length shoes can be use for outdoor and indoor, inner is made of sheep wool or artificial wool and outsole made of rubber with traction pattern, can be wear comfortably to walk in snow without skidding or slipping.

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