How proper care can add long life to your Leather Slippers or Shoes

How proper care can add long life to your Leather Slippers or Shoes

Extent Life of your Old Leather Shoes & Slippers by this simple tricks.

Personality is defined by once shoes,its very old saying. I think its very true.Caring of your Leather Shoes is not only about making your shoes look good by adding a coat of Polish on shoes its also about adding a long life to them by preserving them well and make them look like new for longer.....

Many people think that putting polish on shabby Shoes will make them look like new and problem is solve, however this is only a part of Solution.Without proper Conditioning and care Leather can get dry up and crack down.

This are Some tips to care of your Leather Footwear from Reindeer Leather  experts:

Give your favorite leather footwear a day off sometime to make them dry off naturally and this increase life of leather gradually and spray with water proof protector this will not allow water to stay on shoes when walking on raining season or snowfall in Winter.

Shoes care

If you stay in humid Climate countries, our advice is to avoid keeping your shoes, sandals and Slippers for long time in box, this can eventually cause certain leather Material to deteriorate.

If you stay in Cold or extreme Climate Countries avoid placing your Footwear like Shoes, Slippers and Sandals directly under Heater as it can dry your leather very fast if its wet due to sweat or moist air and this can cause leather to become brittle and eventually crack down.It can also be harmful to adhesives used in footwear.

Tips for Cleaning your Reindeer leather Footwear:

Suede And New Buck Leathers:

Suede shoes

Too many People have no idea how to Clean there expensive and beautiful Handmade Suede and  New Buck Footwear they buy from Reindeer leather, So here is how it should be Clean.

First clean your footwear by using Eraser or rubber to remove Dirt or Smudge.

Second brush it lightly with a soft brush.Remember take care of direction while brushing your Suede products . If you brush in different directions, some Suede will give the appearance of being two different colors.

If you ask me, I will suggest you never use wire brush to clean your Suede or Newbuck shoes as it will destroy its appearance.

Third Always use Silicone Spray for water and Stain or Mud resistance on your footwear.

Full Grain Leather:Full grain shoe care


First use dry Smooth Soft Cloth to remove dried on dirt or dust on your shoes, Slippers or Sandals, Then use wet Cloth using warm water to Clean it again,Allow your real leather boots to dry naturally away from direct sunlight or heater.

Then use good Cream Shoes pr leather polish that matches the shoe color, avoid Liquid Shoe polish as it can damage leather.

Some more Tips which can be always put to use to make your leather product look new forever:

To keep your Leather footwear water proof always use non-silicone Spray or a rain/stain repellant.

Use cream polish on your grain leather Shoes apply using horse shoes brush, it will increase your shoes, sandals and Slippers life.

Using Shoe Horn always protect back of your shoes as it help to slide your feet inside shoes and thus does not cause damage to your and maintain shape of back of your shoes.

If you want to make your shoes more shiny then apply wax polish with Slight Damp Cloth.It make your shoes more shiny then cream polish.


Guard your leather product against water damage by applying leather protector or restorer which are composed of oils and other non-water-soluble compounds like lanolin.




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