Polish leather home slippers – give your feet the comfort and care they deserve

Polish leather home slippers – give your feet the comfort and care they deserve

Aah! At last, you are home and can get rid of the stiff-collared shirt, tie, socks and shoes that clog your feet. What you want now is to put your feet up, lie down on your recliner, and sip coffee. Wait! You cannot go barefoot all day at home. It’s not healthy, it may hurt your feet specially when you have corns and calluses, and how will you go to the garden and take care of your green friends? You need a pair of home slippers.

Give your feet the comfort they deserve

Ever wondered why people spend thousands on shoes? Why leather shoes are so popular? How plastic slippers make your feet feel? Shoes are a vital part of our attire as they protect our feet and provide comfort and support.

Most of us don’t want to remain barefoot at home as walking on the hard floor causes pain. It’s unhealthy and in cold, our feet also want warmth. So, what’s your choice of house slippers? If you have tried wearing those cheap Chinese or plastic slippers, you know how rough they feel. They are hard on the toes and quite uncomfortable to wear the whole day. Moreover, they don’t offer flexibility and shock absorption and hence lead to musculoskeletal problems.

So, what choice you have? Which slippers are best for home wear? Let us tell you our little secret that we discovered in Poland.

Daily use slippers – comfy slippers for home wear

A beautiful place in Poland, Zakopane, is a small mountainous area that follows a traditional method of producing handmade leather sandals. Made from natural sheep and pig skin, these slippers are unique. Light, soft, and comfortable, once you wear these slippers, you will love the feeling.

Both sheep and pig skin are soft, thin, smooth, and flexible - ideal for making ultra-soft house slippers for women and men. Known as Kapcie in Polish, these slippers are best for keeping your feet warm, snug, and protected. The soft and flexible leather provides a cushioning effect and adapts to the contour of your toes so that you can wear them for long hours while working in the house or tending to your garden.

A touch of comfort and luxury to your daily use slippers

Kapcies are the best leather slippers for home use. These special and traditional slippers are made of very thin sheepskin as the insole which cozily wraps the feet and allows them to breathe. They are the best for sweaty feet. The upper part, made of leather, feels soft and relaxed- the perfect genuine leather footwear for men.

Are you feeling sad that only men can enjoy the luxury of these ultra-soft Polish leather slippers? The good news is Kapcies are available as women’s leather slippers too. You will be delighted to find the colorful and unique slippers, with different designs suitable for every woman; they are the perfect house slippers for women.

These leather slippers for women are available with a flat or a slight heel to suit your choice. They come in two variants – closed or open toe. These slippers offer a firmer grip that you need when attending to your daily chores or walking in your garden.

With these European slippers, you can add luxury and comfort to your life. Your feet with thank you for this pampering treat too.


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