How Turn Tide In Your Favour, Create Opportunity From Worse Situation!!!

How Turn Tide In Your Favour, Create Opportunity From Worse Situation!!!

Its almost 5 weeks now 80% of world population is under lock down situation due to Pandemic Corona virus situation. Frustrated, angry, bored and most important worried about what will be job and financial situation once everything back to normal. Companies are firing employees on daily basis and as per present situation it seems things will get worse before even getting back to normal, So how to turn this worse situation into golden opportunity and change course of Wind into your favour?

Today at age of social media and communication world or rather say booming internet connectivity its quite easy to find different source or extra or side income or stable income, most important question is how  we can use this weapon in our arsenal call Internet for starting business?

First Step:  As its rightly said True power lies with in yourself. Now you have time to think more hard and deep what you are good at, some people have gifted communication skills, such people can start writing blogs or just increase fan following on social media group by sharing some tips or valuable information online on Facebook, twitter or any other social media platform. Some are passionate about photography or just like to click photos of nature or anything what is going around them, passion can be converted into source of earning by using apps like Instagram or Pinterest were young crowd is in constant search of some interesting content. Some are simply good in shopping now most of you will think how shopping can be used to earn some money? Well the answer is that means you are good in exploring websites which offer discount on purchases for such shopaholics there are marketplace platform for selling such as Amazon, eBay and many others, if you are good in handcraft Etsy is place just for you to earn some extra money and live life freely.

Second Step: Knowing surrounding is half battle win, in this situation knowing what people need or want and growing trend so you can plan your future move depending on demand, Leather house Slippers are unique example as this is niche which still not fully explored and can be easily made available from Europe rather than sourcing from china as most business now a days do and create too much competition for themselves.

Third Step: Once you know what to sell and from where to source now you need to set up online store to sell them in your country, simple way to start is set up account with Amazon, eBay, etsy or create your own Website on shopify or Big commerce and you will see with in days you are all set to earn some extra income and with each passing months your passive source of income will be your full-time Job or business and you will be your Own Boss was formed with only one intention in mind, to give excess to whole world the unmatched craftsmanship and century old tradition of wearing leather kapcie at home at affordable price wholesale inquiries are most welcome or if you have any questions to start your own business we will help you....

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