Alfie urban mens leather slip on slippers closed toe slides - Reindeer Leather


Features Set:

  • Genuine Polish Leather
  • Professionally Hand-Crafted
  • Comfortable & Lightweight
  • Extreme Durability Promise
  • Lowest Price Guaranteed

sheepskin mens leather mule slippers, cushion padded leather insole and soft rubber outsole for ultimate comfort when you are at home by Reindeer leather slippers.

GENUINE LEATHER UPPER:  Polish leather slippers are famous for their quality and distinguished design, Upper of these mens leather scuffs slippers is made from genuine leather with kite-shaped pores for the free flow of air to keep your feet dry during hot summer.

CLOSED TOE STYLE:  Closed-toe style and backless structure offer easy slide-in and out of slippers, fleece, or shearling inner lining for frictionless walking experience and prevent your feet from having rashes due to leather upper and also to keep your feet warm, sweatless, and odorless.

SHEEPSKIN LEATHER INSOLE: Most of the cheap house slippers are made of memory foam insole which absorbs sweat and after some use your feet started smelly, whereas made in Poland slippers have an insole made of sheepskin leather which is ideal for sweaty feet as leather is a natural breathing material which let sweat evaporate avoid feet from fungal infection.

THICK FOAM MADE OUTSOLE: Indoor scuffs should be comfortable and lightweight, we have designed these slippers taking into consideration of our buyer's feedback, and make the outsole thick and lightweight. Every outsole has a traction pattern for firm grip on flat wooden or carpet surfaces.

PERFECT FITTING FOR WIDE AND MEDIUM FEET: We understand that most of the men prefer to wear socks and then slip-into slippers and some prefer without socks, hence each pair is made 0.5 cms broad than normal size for perfect fitting since leather expands after few wear.  

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Wojciech Antosiewicz

Excellent product, very comfortable and very quick delivery. Highly recommended

paul gresham

wrong size not as well made as I thought

Mack Baczynski
Great quality and affordable

These things are great. Shipping, considering it was from Poland to the United States, was just fine. Good real leather. Very comfortable once they're broken in. I will buy again.


Handmade and very comfortable! Love them

Aurora Erickson Aurora Erickson

For many years, I have come to trust and love Reindeer products. I never bought sandals anywhere else. I bought it for everyone, my Mom, caregiver, brothers, sisters and friends. I was proud to tell my friends about Reindeer Leather and actually recommended them to friends and relatives. It must have been a year and a half ago when to my disappointment, they changed the insole of the sandals to something that gave my feet a weird feeling. It was slippery. Although I continued to order. Even ordering for my caregiver for Christmas. Then to my astonishment when I ordered lately for my son’s sandals, I was really turned off. This is the only company that I so trusted when it comes to my sandals (I have a medical condition that caused my feet to have severe neuropathy). How could they have ruined their reputation by selling leather and then change it to a cheap pleather or I don’t know what it is. We can’t trust China. Who else can we trust? I want this company to thrive. I don’t want to give a negative review but I also want to continue buying from them. You know what, I would be willing to pay extra if they needed to increase their price as long as they keep the quality of their product. This was the one company that I trusted so much and I hope that they keep their products the way it was. I would pay extra to have good quality sandals. Anyhow, besides the materials that changed, I commend them for such a good job they do. If it wasn’t for the materials, the sandals are made very well. I just wish that they keep the original leather and I think people will be willing to pay more for a good quality sandals.

I am sorry for any inconvinience, however we still make all slippers using leather as well as all leather soles are now more thick, light weght and durable. I also checked records you bought slippers only 2X times that also in total 3X pair. I think there you mistake slippers with our website.