Pantuflas Alfie Urban Leather Scuff


Features Set:

  • Genuine Polish Leather
  • Professionally Hand-Crafted
  • Comfortable & Lightweight
  • Extreme Durability Promise
  • Lowest Price Guaranteed

Es hora de relajarse con estilo con Alfie Handmade Slipper...


PARTE SUPERIOR DE CUERO GENUINO:  Las pantuflas de cuero polaco son famosas por su calidad y diseño distinguido. La parte superior de estas pantuflas de cuero para hombre está hecha de cuero genuino con poros en forma de cometa para el flujo de aire libre para mantener los pies secos durante el caluroso verano.

ESTILO DE PUNTA CERRADA:  El estilo de punta cerrada y la estructura sin respaldo ofrecen fácil deslizamiento dentro y fuera de las pantuflas, forro interior de vellón o piel de oveja para una experiencia de caminar sin fricción y evitar que sus pies de tener erupciones debido a la parte superior de cuero y también para mantener los pies calientes, sin sudor y sin olor.

PLANTILLA DE CUERO DE PIEL DE OVEJA: La mayoría de las pantuflas baratas están hechas de una plantilla de espuma viscoelástica que absorbe el sudor y, después de un uso, los pies empiezan a oler mal, mientras que las pantuflas fabricadas en Polonia tienen una plantilla hecha de cuero de piel de oveja que es ideal para pies sudorosos ya que el cuero es un material natural que permite que el sudor se evapore y evita que los pies se infecten por hongos.

SUELA EXTERIOR HECHA DE ESPUMA GRUESA: Los desgastes en interiores deben ser cómodos y livianos, hemos diseñado estas pantuflas teniendo en cuenta los comentarios de nuestros compradores y hacemos que la suela sea gruesa y liviana. Cada suela tiene un patrón de tracción para un agarre firme en superficies planas de madera o alfombras.

AJUSTE PERFECTO PARA PIES ANCHOS Y MEDIOS: Entendemos que la mayoría de los hombres prefieren usar calcetines y luego calzarse pantuflas y algunos prefieren sin calcetines, por lo que cada El par se fabrica con 0,5 cm de ancho más que el tamaño normal para un ajuste perfecto ya que el cuero se expande después de poco uso.

Customer Reviews

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Mack Baczynski
Great quality and affordable

These things are great. Shipping, considering it was from Poland to the United States, was just fine. Good real leather. Very comfortable once they're broken in. I will buy again.


Handmade and very comfortable! Love them

Aurora Erickson Aurora Erickson

For many years, I have come to trust and love Reindeer products. I never bought sandals anywhere else. I bought it for everyone, my Mom, caregiver, brothers, sisters and friends. I was proud to tell my friends about Reindeer Leather and actually recommended them to friends and relatives. It must have been a year and a half ago when to my disappointment, they changed the insole of the sandals to something that gave my feet a weird feeling. It was slippery. Although I continued to order. Even ordering for my caregiver for Christmas. Then to my astonishment when I ordered lately for my son’s sandals, I was really turned off. This is the only company that I so trusted when it comes to my sandals (I have a medical condition that caused my feet to have severe neuropathy). How could they have ruined their reputation by selling leather and then change it to a cheap pleather or I don’t know what it is. We can’t trust China. Who else can we trust? I want this company to thrive. I don’t want to give a negative review but I also want to continue buying from them. You know what, I would be willing to pay extra if they needed to increase their price as long as they keep the quality of their product. This was the one company that I trusted so much and I hope that they keep their products the way it was. I would pay extra to have good quality sandals. Anyhow, besides the materials that changed, I commend them for such a good job they do. If it wasn’t for the materials, the sandals are made very well. I just wish that they keep the original leather and I think people will be willing to pay more for a good quality sandals.

I am sorry for any inconvinience, however we still make all slippers using leather as well as all leather soles are now more thick, light weght and durable. I also checked records you bought slippers only 2X times that also in total 3X pair. I think there you mistake slippers with our website.

Nice quality, but wrong product sent.

The slippers are very nice and look like good quality, however you sent me the wrong item, so not too happy about that. I will keep them as they are ok anyway, but would have been happier if I received what I actually ordered.

Alice P

These slippers were a Christmas gift for a friend. While visiting once, I noticed that he did not have comfortable slippers for relaxing at home. I researched online an found ALFIE URBAN LEATHER SCUFF SLIPPERS. They seemed to be of high quality, comfortable and very reasonably priced. I ordered them and was very pleased with my purchase. They met all my expectations. I plan on being a return customer. Thank you.