How house slippers can boost your health: 7 reasons why

How house slippers can boost your health: 7 reasons why

A post on how house slippers can boost your health may come as a surprise to you.

After all, the indoor etiquette might be sufficient reason to take off your shoes and slip into house slippers. Not only because it feels comfortable, but because it is also seen as a positive habit.

However, if you think it’s great to wear outdoor shoes at home, you may want to think again. Would you like to offer germs and bacteria a free ride into your home? Certainly not!

In case that is not enough, we came up with six more reasons why you should leave your leather boots at the door, even if they are as good as the ones we craft at Reindeer Leather.

How house slippers can boost your health: the 7 reasons that might surprise you.

One of the main reasons why house slippers can boost your health is simple: because they are incredibly comfortable.

If you try on some quality leather house slippers, you will notice the difference. Comfort and good materials are enough of a reason to put them on as soon as you walk through the doorstep.

However, if you want to boost your health even more, here are a few more ideas!

Your house slippers are the best barrier to prevent bacteria, viruses and fungi from colonizing your feet

It is vital that you wear slippers at home in order to protect your feet from preventable foot diseases. Perhaps you haven't given it much thought, but the soles of your shoes are dirtier than a toilet.

Therefore, if you use leather house slippers, you will leave all that dirt outside your home were it belongs. In addition to that, you protect your feet from bacteria, avoiding fungal infections and even viruses.

Fancy a cold or even the flu?

Unless you're looking forward to catching a bad cold or the flu, it's time to keep an eye on the soles of your feet.

Walking barefoot, despite having its perks on the beach, does not work that well in our homes. The reason is that, by not using slippers, our body loses temperature rapidly.

As such drastic change in body temperature occurs, it affects our body's immune response negatively. Thus, losing body heat means:

  • Poor blood circulation
  • Less ability to mobilize the immune system
  • Higher chance of contracting diseases

At those times of the year when the flu or cold are around, wearing good slippers is the smart choice.

Transpiration and protection of the sole of the foot, essential for your health

Another of the least valued aspects of good leather house slippers is taking care of the soles of your feet.

When you wear slippers at home, you avoid a degree of impact that you are not used to. Being barefoot means more exposure to pathogens, but it can also mean stepping onto something that hurts you. Really bad.

Therefore, when choosing your shoes to walk around the house, always go for models such as Reindeer Leather, which features cozy memory foam that reduces the impact against the floor. Pampering your sole and promoting transpiration with quality materials is essential.

Would you put cleaning products on your skin?

The answer is a resounding no, right?

That is the reason why you should always walk around your home with good house slippers. Cleaning and disinfection products are not harmless, but can certainly adhere to our skin, causing undesirable effects when absorbed.

This is something that is being researched more and more, known as endocrine disruptors. Avoid them with a simple shield: house slippers, your best protection!

If you have any chronic disease, it is best to wear shoes

We are living longer and longer, which means that diabetes, heart conditions and immune system diseases are more frequent.

These types of issues often involve some level of edema or swelling of the feet. On top of that inflammation, are we going to add the hard impact against the floor to make matters worse?

The right answer for anyone in such circumstances is… put on your leather house slippers! Some additional protection and comfort will never hurt.

Are your feet tired from walking?

Another factor to take into account is the extensive use we make of our feet throughout the day. Not wearing the right footwear inside and outside the home can lead to foot pain and strain, two conditions that can be painful and become chronic.

Even if we wear premium leather footwear, walking for hours on end means an effort for the muscles of our legs, starting with the feet. They deserve a break at the end of the day!

So when you get home and feel like relaxing, put on your house slippers and give your feet a rest. You will see that the warmth, comfort and support translate into a more rested body. If you are one of those who do a lot of exercise or leads a very active life, you will appreciate it even more!

If you work from home you have another powerful reason to switch to leather house slippers

The pandemic has brought us an important change, which is to work from home. You may no longer need heavy footwear, as you spend the day in the comfort of your house.

However, it is important that you keep in mind that, if you have used a specific type of footwear for years, changing it suddenly has consequences on your back.

Therefore, it is extremely important that you use a durable and well-made pair of leather house slippers. They will provide you with the extra support that you need at your need office.


All things considered, if you are still wondering how house slippers can boost your health, you should take a look at the selection of Reindeer Leather. We offer you handmade products that pamper and protect your foot at every step. Because health comes first, remember to always put on your house slippers as soon as you are home!

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