Cooper Traditional Mens Leather Slip on Slippers

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Features Set:

  • Genuine Polish Leather
  • Professionally Hand-Crafted
  • Comfortable & Lightweight
  • Extreme Durability Promise
  • Lowest Price Guaranteed

Handcrafted in Poland a unique and stylish leather house slippers for men.

GENUINE LEATHER SLIPPERS: Carefully selected full grain real cowhide leather three-color patched machines stitched in a zigzag fashion with contrast nylon white thread.

CLOSED-TOE STYLE:Ā  Unique design and stylish house leather slippers for men is easy to slip in and out, thanks to its closed-toe and backless structure it also provides more comfort and support to the toe. Fleece or shearling leather inner lining avoids friction and rubbing to feet. Perfect style for control motion walking experience.

LEATHER INSOLE CUSHIONED FOOTBED: These slippers provide the ideal solution for men who have sweaty feet issues as the footbed is madeĀ of thin sheepskin and light cushion padding with pores on the insole,Ā due to leathers natural breathing and absorbing properly your feet will be all-time dry and sweatless.Ā 

THICK BLACK RUBBER FOAM OUTSOLE:ļ»æļ»æ Slippers should be lightweight, comfortable and shouldĀ haveĀ an anti-skid sole, Cooper traditional mens bedroom slippersĀ outsole is made of thick lightweight wavy pattern outsole so it can give you a firm grip on slippery ground surface and black color outsole enhance total look for indoor and outdoor slippers.

LEARN TO CLEAN LEATHER SLIP-ON PROPERLY: Taking care of leather slippers is simple, as cleaning leather footwear regularly makes them look more elegant. Clean them to make them dustless and dirtless with a soft brush or even wet tissue.Ā Remember if you use a wet tissue to clean the upper and inner of mens leather slippersĀ do not place them in direct contact near the fireplace because if the leather gets dry very quickly due to too much heat can develop a crack in the leather.Ā Ā Ā 


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