Faith Breathable Odor-Resistant Genuine Leather Slippers.

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Features Set:

  • Genuine Polish Leather
  • Professionally Hand-Crafted
  • Comfortable & Lightweight
  • Extreme Durability Promise
  • Lowest Price Guaranteed
  • With perforations applied on top to allow airflow, these men's black leather slippers support breathable comfort to keep feet dry and stink-free. Crafted from genuine leather, upgraded with a cushioned footbed, and finished with a hard sole, the slip-on leather shoes for men can be comfortably worn in and around the house.
  • GENUINE POLAND COWHIDE LEATHER: Our slippers are made from high-quality full-grain leather, it is highly comfortable, durable, long-lasting, stronger. Our leather slippers have a rough texture that feels firm, they easily bend in half and no wrinkles appear on the slippers.
  • COMFORTABLE WIDE STYLISH SLIDERS: While some of us prefer comfort, others have a style in mind. Our leather slipper has an ankle collar that provides more support and comfort to the ankle. As they can minimize friction as well as rubbing also the toe box has ample space to place your toes comfortably. The middle part of the shoe where your footrests provide comfort while walking, and controls foot motions.
  • CLOSED TOE DESIGN SLIP-ON: The slippers are designed in closed-toe style as it has strong stitches which makes the slipper durable while the sole bed is soft that provide a complete rest to your foot all day long. The slippers provide a firm grip on the slippery surface and there is no worry that you will skid. The slippers have clogs over the surface which makes them breathable and odor-resistant
    • INDOOR OUTDOOR VERSATILE ELEGANT SLIDES: Reindeer Leather house slippers are versatile as they can enhance your look indoors as well as outdoor. These slippers are designed in a stylish way and are available in different colors such as black, tan, brown, and grey.
    • LEARN TO CLEAN LEATHER SLIP-ON PROPERLY: Taking care of leather slippers is simple, as cleaning leather footwear regularly makes them look more elegant. Clean them to make them dustless and dirtless with a soft brush. You can also use the rubber and other brush that does not damage the structure of the slippers.

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